Isaiah 33:24

No resident will say, “I am sick”; the people who dwell there will be forgiven their iniquity. Isaiah 33:24

Christmas Day.
Today we say Merry Christmas! Or Happy Christmas!
Today is a day of celebration: good food, family and friends, cards and gifts.
We celebrate the birth of the Saviour.
Today the things of the world come for a moment to a pause.
Today is a day of love and peace and joy.
Today we hear good tidings of great joy:

Into the darkness of the night a light shone.
Into the fear of the shepherds the angel spoke: Do not be afraid!
To the people in the fields of Bethlehem and in the world it was said:
Unto you a Saviour is born!
To all of us a message of great joy is delivered:
that God has sent his Son for our salvation.

In the night of Christmas, when the baby was born a new time began:
a time of salvation, a time of peace and a time of love, a time of healing, a time of forgiveness, a time when ills and evils will not harm us anymore, a time when every tear will be wiped away, a time when no one will say I am sick, because their iniquity will be forgiven and therefore nothing stands anymore between God and his people.

God became human like anyone of us. The word became flesh. The word of GodÂ’s new time becomes manifest in the infant Jesus Christ.

Eternal God, who through the word made flesh, dost manifest thyself to us as Father,
Eternal Word, who didst stoop to clothe thyself with our mortality,
have mercy upon us.
Upon our dullness of vision, Upon our weakness of faith,
have mercy, O Lord.
O eternal, faithful, and just to forgive us our sin,
have mercy upon us. Amen.


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