April 02

Thursday, April 2

O God, from my youth you have taught me, and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds. Psalm 71:17

The ageing process can be compared to the climb up a very steep hill. One looks back occasionally to see where he has come from as he fearfully tries to ascend the steep slopes. He may slip, slide and sometimes fall, but with God's help and much perseverance he finally reaches the top.

Fortunately, those heights reached enable him to view and give thanks and praise for the beautiful scenery he could not have seen before.

Childhood can be a most happy stage in life, if from very early a child is taught to love and trust the invisible God, and by good example he learns to pray to Him at all times, and especially when he needs help. The hymn-writer draws our attention to this 'delicate' period in one's life:

"When in the slippery paths of youth
With headless steps I ran.
Thy arm, unseen, conveyed me safe
And led me up to man."
                                          (CMP #. 23)

As one approaches old age, that foundation laid in childhood can help to strengthen one’s faith and trust in God when confronted with the challenges of failing health, dwindling resources, loneliness, conflict and rejection.

In Psalm 23, King David shares his thoughts on the shadowy future. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want .... yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

The foundation of child-like trust is best laid in the youthful days so that throughout life it can act as an anchor in times of trouble.

"Will your anchor hold in the storms of life
When the clouds unfold their wings of strife?
When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain
Will your anchor drift or firm remain?"

                                               (Sacred Songs # 879)


Dear Jesus, You experienced much pain and suffering, but with the help of your Father, God, you were able to bear it unto death.  Give us strength and courage to love and praise you as we face life's trials and tribulations.  Strengthen us during this season as we reflect on you, so that we may be armed to face life always.   Amen.



April 01

Wednesday, April 1

I will delight in my people; no more shall the sound of weeping be heard in [Jerusalem], or the cry of distress. Isaiah 65:19

This comforting thought comes as part of the "new thing" that God was promising to do among his people. Even though they had transgressed and strayed repeatedly, he would forgive and restore them. There would be rejoicing rather than weeping or distress as a result of this "new thing" that God would do.

Our Provincial Theme this year is "Advance the Kingdom: SHIFT." To follow that theme is to give God authority to do "something new" among us. For this to become a reality, the following are among the things necessary on our part:

1. We need to trust him; it will not always be obvious to us how he is working.
2. We need to be available to him; so that he can readily access us.
3. We need to be pliable in his hands; he will have to remold us from time to time.
4. We need to be attentive; otherwise we might miss his directives.
5. We need to remain focused; less we become distracted from the goal.
6. We need to be alert; ready to move and respond at anytime.
7. We need to be thankful; that God is using us to fulfill his purpose.

Let us therefore get ready for the SHIFT that we are asking God to make in us. He wants us to be involved. But remember, whilst "he has no hands but our hands," he can use even the rocks. Let us not miss out on the blessing God has in store for us.

Lord, in this season of reflection, help us to give sincere thought to what you desire to do in us. Then help us to submit to you, so that you can effect your purpose. Amen.


Have you ever heard it said that Caribbean people donÂ’t know how to TRAVEL LIGHT? I wonder why? Maybe because we always to buy something for everybody to bring back! Then once people know youÂ’re TRAVELLING they ask you to carry things for their family. And then on top of that we usually pack too much clothes just for the few days of travel; and we donÂ’t even wear half of them! Now even though Caribbean airlines may not make money from having regular local air travelers, both Caribbean and international airlines have made up for this shortfall by one sure avenue: checked luggage! Just about every major airline has introduced some sort of fees for checked bags. And if the weight of your bag goes beyond a particular amount, you then have to pay for the excess weight. Plus usually, if you have a second piece of luggage then thereÂ’s more cost. I canÂ’t tell you how many times IÂ’ve stood in lines at airports, where most of the passengers are from the Caribbean, and seeing folks at the check in counter trying to LIGHTEN their bags in order to avoid paying anything more. IÂ’ve learnt that if you donÂ’t want to spend any more money with the airlines after paying for your ticket, then the best thing to do is to TRAVEL LIGHT! ThatÂ’s todayÂ’s FF: TRAVEL LIGHT!

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ItÂ’s April and that means it is carnival season here in St. Thomas. I began noticing that around end of February and early March that the gym was starting to get a bit more crowded than normal. I noticed that these new members looked so COMMITTED. They were running on the treadmills, moving to the bikes and of course lifting weights. The level of intensity was admirable. But it is only after I started seeing the ads about carnival that I realized that the intensity which I was applauding for the new gym members would be most likely short lived. They were there mainly to get their bodies ready for their costumes for the upcoming parades. Unlike the regular members who had made a COMMITMENT to exercise because of the overall health benefits, these new members were there just for a short season. Though they know fully well the many advantages to be had by regular exercise, for them they were not ready to MAKE A LASTING COMMITMENT to a lifestyle change. Instead they had opted for an exciting, short-lived, intense and seasonal type of COMMITMENT. With that in mind, todayÂ’s FF challenges us to MAKE A LASTING COMMITMENT!