April 06

Monday, April 6

Though I write the multitude of my instructions, they are regarded as a strange thing. Hosea 8:12

God had written these instructions for the Israelites because their lifestyle ignored the Laws. It is easy to listen to a sermon and think of those who should be listening or to read the Bible and think of those who should do what the message teaches. The Israelites did this constantly, applying God’s Laws to others but not themselves; this they did in order to avoid making needed changes. We should first apply the Law to our life because the faults we see in others are also our own faults.

This reflection is appropriate as we reflect on God’s love for His sinful people. Have we as a people sought the things that cannot satisfy – love of power, pleasure, money or recognition? The temptations in the world today are seductive.  Have other loyalties taken His rightful place? Greed, corruption, unfaithfulness, money, and sinful acts. Do not let prosperity diminish your love for Him or let success blind your need for Him or His love. His love is tender, loyal, unchanging and undying. NO matter what, God loves us.

We cannot escape God’s judgement. Although God will discipline us for our own sins, He encourages, forgives and restores us when we repent. There is still hope for us who will turn back to God. No matter how far you have strayed, God is merciful and will offer hope, expressing His infinite love for us. Our repentance will bring about a blessing.


Lord Jesus, the sound of truth cuts through the noise of this world. Especially during this Holy Week, tune our ears to hear it and teach our tongues to speak it.   Amen.


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