April 05

Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 5

Bless God in the great congregation. Psalm 68:26

Psalm 68:26 is just one verse of a beautiful psalm. In this verse you and I, we are called to come apart from our private devotion and gather together as one – united for the same purpose of worshipping and honouring the Almighty.  Verse 25 spoke of the singers, the players on instruments; and damsels playing the timbrels.  This paints for us a rather graphic and lively picture of their worship experience.  After all, God had blessed Israel; so would it not be reasonable for Israel to bless God?  God had commanded that all twelve tribes go up together and be present for corporate worship. 

That is still the expectation of us today for corporate worship.  Psalm 68:26 challenges us during this Lenten Season to leave our various homes – individually and as groups of families – leave our various offices and communities, come together as one and bless God in the congregations, considering how tremendously he has blessed us.  The Israelites did not have the luxuries we have today of cars and coaches, yet they travelled across rough terrain over many days, in order to gather as one body for worship. 

What is to be said then of us today if we neglect corporate worship of God for small difficulties?  As we take time during this Lenten Season to journey with our Lord to the cross, let us be diligent in coming together to bless God.  As we celebrate Palm Sunday today, may we, in similar train, join in praising God.  Our adversary the devil will seek to challenge us to stay away, to ‘not bother’ this time, to forget about it if we are running late.  But today I challenge us, like the Israelites be diligent in spite of the difficulties we may face during the week, and in spite of the distance we may have to take to reach that place of worship.  Come, gather together as a congregation, and bless God.  It is important for our witness, as we demonstrate to the world our commitment to God, His Word and His people.  So how could staying away be a blessing?  Choose today to defy the urge to stay away.  Instead come, gather as a people and ‘bless ye God in the congregation’ – bless God from the depths of your hearts.  AMEN!

COVID-19 has now prevented the physical gathering for worship, but we can yet come together ONLINE as many are now doing.  Psalm 68:26 is still challenging us today to bless God, to come apart for Corporate worship.  

So today, Palm Sunday, I invite you with palm or branch in hand, to stop what you are doing, turn off all other devices, and gather with your family online at the time prescribed.  Have your Bible handy, follow the Lesson, sing loud and strong the songs, and take your notes as customary during the message.  You can also engage with your Pastors online after – if you have any questions, if you need any clarification.  Brothers and sisters, let us gather as one for corporate worship ONLINE.


Heavenly Father, thank you for your Word to bless our hearts throughout all the seasons of our lives.  May we be diligent in our efforts to come together for corporate worship and study of your Word at all set times so that we can receive from you the blessings of unified worship, and encourage each other by our presence.   Amen.


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