Have you ever heard it said that Caribbean people donÂ’t know how to TRAVEL LIGHT? I wonder why? Maybe because we always to buy something for everybody to bring back! Then once people know youÂ’re TRAVELLING they ask you to carry things for their family. And then on top of that we usually pack too much clothes just for the few days of travel; and we donÂ’t even wear half of them! Now even though Caribbean airlines may not make money from having regular local air travelers, both Caribbean and international airlines have made up for this shortfall by one sure avenue: checked luggage! Just about every major airline has introduced some sort of fees for checked bags. And if the weight of your bag goes beyond a particular amount, you then have to pay for the excess weight. Plus usually, if you have a second piece of luggage then thereÂ’s more cost. I canÂ’t tell you how many times IÂ’ve stood in lines at airports, where most of the passengers are from the Caribbean, and seeing folks at the check in counter trying to LIGHTEN their bags in order to avoid paying anything more. IÂ’ve learnt that if you donÂ’t want to spend any more money with the airlines after paying for your ticket, then the best thing to do is to TRAVEL LIGHT! ThatÂ’s todayÂ’s FF: TRAVEL LIGHT!

Seasoned travelers know how to TRAVEL LIGHT. They have learnt how to put everything in the right place to ensure that they stay within the guidelines of the airlines. One of the keys to TRAVELING LIGHT is to give attention to what to take with you and what to leave behind. It is knowing what you really need to have and what you can do without. But not everybody can make that distinction. And so what they should leave off they are still carrying. And then there are some who canÂ’t TRAVEL LIGHT because even though they may not have a lot of things for themselves in their bags they are carrying quite a bit of things that belong to others. But when these things were given to them, they didnÂ’t know how to say no. So they are weighed down with heavy bags, the contents of which they should not even have accepted to carry because of their own limitations. Such persons need to learn how to TRAVEL LIGHT so that they can avoid paying what they should not have to pay.

We are all being challenged today to an attitude in life in which we decide that no matter what we will TRAVEL LIGHT. That my mean that we pause and take a serious look at the things that weÂ’ve allowed in our lives to weigh us down. What is it that is causing or has caused us to be carrying some excess emotional weight? Who is the person that has said or done something to us that has resulted in us carrying the weight of unforgiveness for such a long time? What is that situation that has kept us anchored to a place or person that we have tried in vain to free ourselves from? Might now be the opportune time to do some repacking in our lives and to start TRAVELLING LIGHT? And then there are the extra things that are not even ours in the first place but which we have taken on. So now we are burdened with the problems of others plus our own. Now no one is an island. We all need each other. But if you are the type of person who takes on everybodyÂ’s issue then rest assured that there are those who will gladly dump them on you without even asking you how much weight of your own you are carrying. Enough is enough! So tell yourself that now is the time to make that move. YouÂ’ve spent enough energy and time paying for this extra weight as you journey through life. Going forward, this is the season to TRAVEL LIGHT!

And here’s the best way to TRAVEL LIGHT – get connected with the Lord Jesus Christ. Hear this invitation and promise that he offers: “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is LIGHT.” (Matt. 11: 28 – 30). The airlines may not tell you this but God’s Holy Spirit today is inviting you and me that as we journey through life to TRAVEL LIGHT!

Mikie Roberts (Rev)
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