IÂ’m quite sure that many of us are very familiar with the television program called 60 Minutes. It usually airs on the CBS network on Sunday evenings. A few weeks ago there was a segment on the program that dealt with people who possess this unusual ability in that they REMEMBER just about everything. Though 60 Minutes had already addressed this some years back, this time around they highlighted the ongoing research about this condition especially now that it was discovered to exist not only among adults but also among young children. Can you imagine whatÂ’s itÂ’s like to have such a long term memory that youÂ’re always able to REMEMBER events and details that the rest of us typically donÂ’t REMEMBER. Wow! With that in mind, our FF for today is drawn from another Negro Spiritual. For todayÂ’s FF we pray the petition DO LORD, REMEMBER ME!

Not many of us have the ability to REMEMBER every single detail of events that may have happened months or years ago. But at the same time there are just some things and people that we want to REMEMBER and donÂ’t ever want to forget. If letÂ’s say a student canÂ’t REMEMBER the basics of math then he/she may not cope very well when itÂ’s time to do Algebra or Calculus. Or worse yet can you imagine how a husband or wife will feel if your spouse doesnÂ’t REMEMBER your birthday or God forbid your wedding anniversary? Just as there are some things that we always want to REMEMBER, I think too that thereÂ’s a side to all of us that also wants to be REMEMBERED and not just REMEMBER. In other words, I donÂ’t know of anybody whose ultimate goal and desire in life is to be forgotten, to not be REMEMBERED.

And yet IÂ’m quite sure that for many of us we have had seasons in our lives when we have left as though weÂ’ve been forgotten. Sure we may not have been REMEMBERED when the wedding invitations of a family member were being sent out. We can accept not being REMEMBERED by other human beings even though it may be hurtful. But have you ever felt as though the LORD too has forgotten you. Have you ever felt like praying, DO LORD REMEMBER ME? This must have been the prayer of Hannah as she went to the Tabernacle. This must have been the prayer of Sarai as she was getting older and seeing the likelihood of having a son with Abram began to fade. This must have been the prayer of Joseph as he interpreted the dream of his fellow prisoners thinking that within a few days after their release he too would no longer be in prison. This would have been the prayer of countless enslaved Africans who had to endure untold hardship on the sugar plantations during years of slavery.

But the good news today is that the LORD REMEMBERS! The LORD has not forgotten you. The LORD REMEMBERS and so in the fullness of time the miracle you are believing for you can expect the LORD to come through for you. So it is not unholy or unreasonable to remind the LORD to REMEMBER you. It is when we pray LORD REMEMBER ME that this prayer reminds us too not only of what God has promised but also of what God is able to do. So like the old Negro Spiritual, if for some reason you feel as though the LORD has forgotten you, utter this plea: DO LORD REMEMBER ME!

Mikie Roberts (Rev)
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