Praise God Who Hears and Answers Prayer.

Blessed be the name of God from age to age, for wisdom and power are his. Daniel 2: 20

The story of Daniel is quite an interesting one. He is praised by King Nebuchadnezzar as a wise man, yet when the king needs really wise men around him to interpret his troubling dream, Daniel is overlooked. It is the failure of the prized magicians that causes a death sentence to be pronounced upon all the wise men of the Kingdom, including Daniel. When he learned what was happening, Daniel went to the king to seek time to give him the answer he needed, then he went to his prayer partners who went with him to God. Note the sequence. He found out the problem, gathered like-minded people around him and together they approached God.

The word tells us that God revealed the answer to him. The watchword then is Daniel’s response of giving glory to God for the revelation. The wise men of the land had told the king that only the gods could give the answer to his dreams. They had tried and couldn’t. Daniel on the other hand knew that ‘wisdom and power belongs to God’ thus God would be the source of his answer. Friends, Daniel does not rush back to the king with the answer when he receives it, but takes the time to praise God who remains for all times and is all-wise and all-powerful.

Let me ask you to reflect on this: ‘How do you feel when your prayers are answered? Excited? Surprised? Relieved?’ Maybe all three and more? Many times we go to God with our petitions and after receiving the desired answer, we dash off in our excitement, forgetting to give God credit for the answer. As Christians we fall short in giving thanks to God for answered prayers. As we go through Holy week and Easter, let us pause often to give God thanks for hearing us and answering our prayers. Match your persistence in prayer with equal gratitude when your requests are answered.

‘Till next Tuesday, be blessed!


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